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Name : Dr. Rumi Kotoky
Designation : Sr Technical Officer(1)
Qualification : Ph.D, M.Sc
Contact Details : CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat-785006,Assam
Email id :,,

Research Interest
  • Plant Chemical analysis, Agro-technological Practices on Medicinal Aromatic & Economic Plants.
  • Development Sustainable Processes for Edible oils with Health Benefits from Traditional and New resources (Team member) 2012-2017
  • United States patent – patent no. 6,160,139; Date of Patent: Dec. 12, 2000
  • Title : Process for the oxidation of pseudodiosgenin diacetate to diosone for the production of 16 –dehydropregnenolone acetate. Inventors: Amrit Goswami, Rumi Kotoky, R.C. Rastogi and Anil C. Ghosh
List of Publications (Most Recent Ten)
Total No. of Publications: 33. Popular articles : 2, Book Chapter: 5
  • Rumi Kotoky, A. Rabha, A.Gogoi,S.C.Nath, and S.P. Saikia (2015). Correlation studies in seed traits, moisture and oil content and effect of hormones on flowering of Jatropha curcas L. Brazilian Journal of Biological Sciences, Vol. 2 (3): 79-84.
  • Bithika Chaliha, Lipika Lahkar, Rumi Kotoky, Dilip K.Dutta and Subhan C. Nath (2014). Major Fatty acid components , Physico- chemical properties and Trace elements of two Artocarpus species from North –East India. Journal of International Academic Research for Multi disciplinary Vol 2(2) : 291-298 .
  • Saikia,S.P.,Goswami,A., Mudoi,K.D. ,Gogoi,A., Kotoky,R. , Lekhok,H. and Handique,N. (2014). Effect of 2,4-D treatment and Azospirillum inoculation on growth of Cymbopogon winterianus . African Journal of Microbiology Research 8(9):955-960
  • Rumi Kotoky , S.C.Nath and S. Kalita. (2013) .Effect of heavy metals on growth and root essential oil of Vetiveria zizanioides grown under Jorhat condition, Assam. International journal of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences. 2 (2): 828-836
  • Rumi Kotoky, S.C. Nath, S.C. and S. Kalita ( 2013) Variation of metal contents in Tea Plants around Oil Installation, Assam. International Journal of Scientific Research.2 (3):189-191
  • Rumi Kotoky, S.C.Nath and S. Kalita, (2012) Soil characteristics around oil installations : Lakwa oil field Assam. Ne Bio Journal. 3(4):15-18
  • Jain,A.,Sundriyal,M., Roshnibala,S. Kotoky,R,.Kanjilal,P.B.,Singh ,H.B. and Sundriyal,R.C. (2011). Dietary Use and Conservation concern of Edible Wetland Plants at Indo-Burma HotSpot: a Case study from North-Eastern India. J.of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 7:29-45.
  • P.B.Kanjilal, Rumi Kotoky and Maria Couladis, (2010). Essential oil composition of leaf and rhizome oil of Alpinia nigra ( Gaertner)B.L.Burtt. from North East India . J. of Essential Oil Research. 22:358-359.
  • M.J.Bordoloi, Rumi Kotoky, J.J. Mahata, T.C.Sarma, and P.B.Kanjilal, (2009) Antigenotoxic hydrazide from Crinum defixum.European J. of Medicinal Chemistry, 44 :2754-2757.
  • P.B.Kanjilal, Rumi Kotoky and Maria Couladis, (2009).Chemical composition of the stem oil of Aristolochia indica L. J. of Essential Oil Research. 21 :24-25.
  • Baruah,D., Devi,J. Kotoky, Rumi, Singh, R.S.and Kanjilal, P.B. (2008). Variability and correlation studies for certain traits in Paederia foetida Linn. A herbal Medicinal Plant. Journal of Advanced Plant Sciences 6(1&2) :58-61
  • Rumi Kotoky, M.G.Pathak, and P.B.Kanjilal,.(2007). Physico-chemical characteristics of seed oils of some Litsea species found in North –East India . Natural Product Radiances,6 (4): 297-300
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