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TheCSIR- North East Institute of Science and Technology, formerly(RRL) , Jorhat was established in the year 1961 as one of the multidisciplinary laboratories of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research(CSIR) under its Chemical Science Group of laboratories. Its major thrust of R&D activities has been to develop indigeneous technologies by utilising the immense natural wealth of India. The North Eastern Region of the country  being bestowed with an abundance of material resources like petroleum, natural Gas, Minerals, Tea as well as aromatic and Medicinal plants and hence the laboratories was targeted to undertake research for development of Know-How for a wide a range of industries and extension works. Over the years, the laboratory has generated more than 100 technologies in the areas of Agrotechnology, Biological and Oil Field Chemicals of which about 40% were of commercial success culminating in setting up of various industries through out the country. The laboratory also developed expertise in the areas like Natural Products Chemistry, drug and drug intermediates, VSK cement, Plant Technology, Agro-technologies, Petroleum Microbiology and Petrochemicals, Crude oil transportation, Paper and Paper Products, beneficiation Chemicals, ecology and environmental studies, Geotechnical investigations, foundation design engineering, soil and building materials etc. The annual turn over of the products produced with RRLtechnologies within the country is estimated to be Rs. 110 crores.


  • Development of know-how for' Arteether', a potent new generation anti-malarial drug active against Chloroquin resistant malaria strains. The know-how has been transferred to M/s FDC Ltd., a Bombay base pharmaceutical company, for commercial production.

  • Development of Vertical Shaft Kiln (VSK) for mini cement plants. Currently 35 mini cement plants are in operation in the country based on RRL-Jorhat technologies. A modified VSK technology for 30,000 TPA plant has also been developed to cater to the national and international needs.

  • Development of a series of pour point depressants for transportation of high  waxy crude oils.

  • Development of oil field chemicals/materials like high and medium-strength cc,propants,chrome free lignites, oil-well formation stabilizer, etc.

  • Development of agro-technologies for important medicinal and aromatic plants.
    The laboratory's contribution to extensive cultivation of citronella grass and extraction of oil have led to the establishment of a major citronella based agro- industry in the North-eastern region. The production of citronella is about 500 tonnes and this has generated employment for 22,000 persons in the rural sector alone

  • Development and introduction of Agro-technologies for mushroom cultivation and
    popularisation of several protein-rich edible mushroom varieties in different areas of North-East India.

  • Process development for pesticides viz. Phosphamidon, Quinalphos and Chlorfenvinphos, isolation and characterisation of compounds of plant origin having insecticidal and antifeedant properties

  • Process development for speciality papers and boards including thermographic paper, carbon less copy paper, direct copy paper, carbon paper, gummed paper tape and ceiling boards

  • Development of a new process for utilisation of Banana plants for production of fibbers useful for making twines and fabrics in the conventional jute processing machines and also for making Eco-friendly products like Carpets, Doormats, Bags, Flower vase, Table mats, Purse, Flower basket, Wallhangings,Shopping bags, etc.

  • Multiplication of some medicinal perfumery and endangered plant species by tissue culture

  • Establishment of an ecology park named North-East Ecology Park (NEEP) and introduction of several important medicinal perfumery and endangered plants growing wildly in the North-Eastern states. NEEP will act as a gene park-cum- research park for plant breeders and biotechnologists

  • Establishment of a network of digital 3D seismic station along with a Central Recording Observatory equipped with remote dial-up facility for on-line data transmission and processing.

      *100 TPD VSK mini cement plants
        *Phosphamidon and Quinalphos pesticides
        *Pour point depressants
        *Arteether', the anti-malarial drug
       *Carbonless copy paper, Direct Copy paper and Heat serlsitive paper
        *Poly electrolytes
    Java citronella,
    Edible Mushroom,
   Building Materials
    Mini & Tiny Cement Plant (VSK)
    Low cost cement ( Alite and belite rich)based on rice husk as fuel
    Ceiling boards from agrowaste
    Ferrocement elements for roofing, storage tank, etc.
   Drug & Drug Intermediates
    Caffeine from tea-waste,
    Diosgenin from Dioscorea tuber
    16-DPA from diosgenin
   Inorganic Chemicals
    Beneficiation additives for ores & minerals
    Silica gel
    Silica sol
    Potassium silicate solution (Electronic grade)
    Pelletization of precipitated silica
    Zeolite molecular sieves type A, X and Mordenite
 Oil field Chemicals
    Flow improvers for crude transportation
    High & Medium strength proppants
    Chrome lignite (Drilling mud additives)
    Chrome free lignite ( Drilling mud additives
 Organic Chemicals
    D D P T ( Rubber blowing agent)
 Paper, Boards & other Coated Papers
    Carbonless copy paper
    Direct copy paper
    Thermographic paper or Heat sensitive paper
    Domestic edible oil expeller
    Wildseed oil expeller
    File covers, File boards, Handmade papers
    Duplex boards & light roofing sheets
    Jacquard board
    Medium density fibre boards
    Matrix board for rubber & stereo plate
 Petroleum Products
    Microcrystalline wax from sucker rod wax
    Paraffin wax from fullers earth
    Regeneration of lubricating oils
    Chlorinated paraffin wax
 Drinking water
    Water filter candle
 Stationery Products
    Carbon paper
    Typewriter ribbon
    Correction fluids
    Synthetic gum
    Gummed Paper tape
    Paper slates & boards
    Plastic slates
    Printing ink
    Moulded slates from agrowates
    Moulded products from agrowastes
    Designs from solid waste disposals
    Pelletizer for fine & light particles
    Multipurpose doestic tools
    Improved stop-valve
    Domestic paddy husker machine
    Distillation plant for oil bearing grass & leaves
    Liquid de-odorant & cleaner
    Herbal room freshner
    Fibres from banana plants for making ropes & twines
    Wood preservatives
CSIR- NEIST Branch Laboratory,
        Itanagar, Naharlagun, P.O: Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.
       CSIR- NEIST Jorhat Experimental Farm
        Yaongyimsen Village
        P O : Changtongiya, Dist : Mokokchung, Nagaland.

       CSIR- NEIST Sub-Station
        Lamphelpat, Imphal
Contact Address :

    Jorhat-785 006, Assam, India.
    Phone  :+91-376-2370121/2370086
    Fax    :+91-376-2370011


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