Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facility

Name of the equipment/facility: CARBON – SULPHUR ANALYZER FOR SOLID SAMPLE
Make:Bruker Elemental Gmbh, Germany.
Model: G4HF, Combustion Analyzer G4LRUS HF.
(a) Measuring range: Carbon: 0.0001 - 6 % Sulphur: 0.0001 - 0.5 % (Depending on sample material and weight) (b) Nominal Sample Weight: 0.5 - 1.0 g (c) Analysis time:Approx. 40 s (Depending on sample material and weight ) (d) Resolution:0.1 ppm (e) Repeatability:Carbon: ± 2 ppm or 0.5 %RSD (whichever is greater) Sulphur: ± 2 ppm or 1. 0 %RSD (whichever is greater) Depending on purity of carrier gas, crucibles and accelerator (f) Carrier Gas: Oxygen 99.95 % purity, 3.5 bar (~50 psi) min. pressure (g) Compressed Air: 5 bar (~72.5 psi) min. pressure, must be oil-, water- and particle-free. (h) Dimensions & Weight: 630 x 640 x 480 mm (WxDxH); 75 kg 24.8 x 25.2 x 18.9 inches; 165.3 lbs. Height overall: 770 mm, 30.3 inches (incl. cleaning device). Depth overall: 770 mm, 30.3 inches (incl. HF furnace).
Working Principle:
The samples are weighed into a ceramic crucible, which then is placed on the crucible carrier and automatically raised into the combustion zone of the furnace. Due to the applied high frequency induction field at 13.7 MHz the sample is heated so that it is combusted in the present Oxygen. The Carbon and Sulphur components in the sample are oxidized to release CO2 and SO2 respectively. The carrier gas O2 through the NDIR detectors sweeps these measuring components. The detector signals with time are a function of the formation of the measuring gases. The areas below the curves (integrals) correspond to the absolute amount of carbon resp. sulphur in the sample. From the measuring gas peak, which is integrated by the software, the concentration is calculated taking into account the calibration factor or function and the sample weight. The results are expressed in ppm or percent. For each sample, a new crucible must be use.
Determination of carbon and sulphur for ferrous alloy and non-ferrous metals such as copper, titanium, zirconium, etc. also for non-metallic materials, e.g. ores, ceramics, cement, clays, limestone, lime etc.
User Instructions:
Users are requested to bring minimum sample length of 15 cm. Users are encouraged to be present during the analysis of their samples.
Mr. Jayanta Jyoti Bora, Principle Scientist,, 0376-2372850.
Charges (Excluding Taxes)
Carbon analysis = Rs. 1500/- per sample
Sulphur analysis = Rs. 1400/- per sample
Sample preparation = Rs. 1000/- per sample
Taxes rates as applicable