Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facility

Name of the equipment/facility: UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE
Model: 5594, Static Hydraulic Industrial series. S
(a) Maximum frame capacity:1,000 kN. (b)Table size (width x depth): 558 x 609 mm. (c) Semi-open crossheads (thickness 197 mm) with hydraulic lever-action rips. (d) Maximum testing speed: 152 mm/min. (e) Maximum specimen size (with crosshead grips), Flat: 40 x 60 mm, Round:60 mm. (f) Power stroke travel: 228 mm. (g) Data sampling rate: 40 kHz. (h) Data capture rate: selectable up to 500Hz with intelligent data capture. (i) Instron® - SatecTM Systems software for tensile testing.
Working Principle:
The system consists of a two columns with dynamically rated load frame. Load is applied to the specimen by a hydrostatically lubricated ram and connected to a digital, single axis controller with an inbuilt operating panel. The controller has a user interference display to monitor the load. The system can performed mechanical testing, including tensile and compression applications.The specimen is placed in the system between the grips and the displacement between its cross heads on which the specimen is held is measured. The controller has position, load and strain control capability with measurement.
Tensile and compression testing of construction materials such as concrete and reinforcement TMT bar, steel plate, bar, tube and wire of any engineering material.
User Instructions:
Users are requested to bring minimum sample length of 50 cm. Users are encouraged to be present during the analysis of their samples.
Mr. JayantaJyoti Bora, Principle Scientist,, 0376-2372850.
Charges (Excluding Taxes)
Tensile Test :Rs. 2200/- per sample
Bend Test :Rs. 1200/- per sample
Taxes rates as applicable