Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facility

Name of the equipment/facility: Trace DSQ GCMS
Make: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Model: Trace DSQ
Working Principle:


Temperature programmable with seven ramps and eight levels settable from 0.1-120 degree/ min.
(b) Oven cool –down 450-50ᵒC in under 250 seconds. Digital pressure and flow control with gas saver. Maximum oven temperature 450ᵒC. Liquid and headspace auto sampler (s). Oven cool –down 350 to 50ᵒC in 270 seconds. Maximum oven temperature 350 ᵒC.
(c) X-calibre data system , common platform for all MS system.
(d) NIST Library. Wiley library.
(e)  The system has both electron impact (EI) and Chemical ionization (CI) capability.
(f) Detector, Multiple detector.


A useful instrument for positive identification of various classes of organic compounds based on its mass number and molecular ion fragmentation patterns. It is also useful for elucidation of chemical structure of organic molecules. The system has an added advantage of having a Direct Insertion Probe (DIP) attachment helpful to introduce solid samples directly into the mass analyzer bypassing GC column.
User Instructions:
Dr M J Bordoloi, Sr Pr Scientist,, 9435478535
Charges (Excluding Taxes)

Charges (Excluding Taxes):

  1. For National Labs( R&D) : 1000/-sample only for GC and 3000-sample GC-MS
  2. University/Educational Institutes : 1000/-sample only for GC and 3000-sample GC-MS