Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facility

Name of the equipment/facility: High Resolution Mass Spectrometer
Make: Waters
Model: Xevo XS QTof mass spectrometer, Waters ACQUITY UHPLC
Mass Range: 20-4000 amu, Resolution: 40000 FWHM, Mass Accuracy: Typically < 1ppm, Sensitivity: Full scan sensitivity up to 500 fg on column with S/N >100:1 in ESI MS mode for reserpine, Ionization Method: API, ESI positive & negative, APCI positive & negative, Direct Infusion for Mass Analysis ( MS , MS /MS), UHPLC with PDA detector.

Working Principle:
High Resolution Liquid chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (HRMS/LCMS) is a technique which combines high performance liquid chromatography HPLC, a powerful analytical separation technique with mass spectroscopy, a powerful analysis & detection technique.

There are two common atmospheric pressure ionization (API) process: Electrospray Ionization (ESI) & Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI).

UHPLC separations can be detected by PDA & Mass spectrometer as different detectors.
o Identification of unknown compound
o Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
o Impurity analysis
User Instructions:
(A) Expected structure or mass and source of the compound should be mentioned.

(B) Solvent for mobile phase should be mentioned.

(C) Solubility, stability and toxicity of the sample should be mentioned.

(D) Compound should be pure and free from insoluble inorganic particles.

(E) Protein samples should be properly digested and desalted.
Division: Applied Organic Chemistry Group.
1. Dr. Pallab Pahari, Scientist,,, 8486963591
2. Dr. Pranjal Gogoi, Scientist,, 9435492135
Charges (Excluding Taxes)
a) For National Labs( R&D) : Rs 1000.00 per sample
b) University/Educational Institutes : Rs 1000.00 per sample
c) Industry : Rs 4000.00 per sample