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CSIR-NEIST Projects allocation to students

Project. No. Project Title Coordinator
Project-1. Frequency-Magnitude relations and Hazard Estimation Dr Debasis Mohanty
Project-2. Interdisciplinary approach for precision agriculture Dr Mantu Bhuyan
Project-3. Development of computational tools for the prediction of vitamin and mineral deficiencies Dr Hridoy J Mahanta
Project-4. Computer aided drug design (CADD) applying bioinformatics and chemoinformatics approaches using open source drug discovery tools Dr S. Nagamani
Project-5. Summer research project on computational chemistry, materials and catalyst design, supramolecular chemistry, non-covalent interactions and chemoinformatics. Dr G Narahari Sastry
Project-6. Assessment the relationship between nutrition and biochemical parameters associated with metabolic syndrome related health disorders and immunological disorders Dr Prasenjit Manna
Project-7. Advanced Nano Materials for Diverse Applications Dr Lakshi Saikia
Project-8. Natural Products and Organic Synthesis: A Training Program Dr Gakul Baishya
Project-9. Biotechnology Dr W Romi
Project-10. Integrated and Energy Efficient process for Value addition of Natural Resources Dr Swapnali Hazarika
Project-11. Design and development of appropriate system for utilization of renewable energy Dr Jyoti Doley
Project-12. Analysis of Geophysical parameters for earthquake precursory phenomena Dr Saurabh Baruah
Project-13. Interdisciplinary approach for sustainable use of resources Dr Pankaj Bharali
Project-14. Role of Civil Engineering in Infrastructure Development Dr Sanjay Deori

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