About Floriculture Mission

India has rich bio-diversity of attractive flowers in the wild with high potential as cultivable ornamentals. CSIR-Floriculture mission is a farm based income generating enterprise having high potential to earn foreign exchange and generate employment for rural and urban youths. Harnessing ornamental values of these wild native plants and their domestication and popularization would lead to enrich global floriculture crop diversity. CSIR has been involved in floriculture R&D of novel floricultural varieties for decades. These experiences and expertise of the highest order would be advantageous to lead the next revolution in floriculture in India. Infusion of latest technologies in this field can be successfully laid by CSIR with the help of its engineering and agriculture oriented institutions to enhance the productivity and quality of floriculture crops.

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Ph: + 91 376- 2370012
Jorhat-785006, Assam.
Dr Mantu Bhuyam,Principal Scientist,

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Plantation at CSIR-NEIST

Dr. G. Narahari Sastry, Director CSIR-NEIST interacting with students working under floriculture mission before plantation program

Flower Show at CSIR-NBRI

Flower show event organised at CSIR-NBRI in 2020 showcasting different varities of flower cultivated at CSIR-NBRI.

Flower Show at CSIR-NEIST

Flower show event organised at CSIR-NEIST in 2020 showcasting different varities of flower cultivated at CSIR-NEIST.

Nodal Laboratory

Responsive image CSIR-NBRI, Lucknow