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The then Regional Research Laboratory, Substation, Imphal was established in 1973 with the main aim to undergo research and development of oil yielding plants. After renaming the then RRL to NEIST, the Substation has been upgraded to the status of Branch Laboratory in 2012 with many more activities and research areas such as Biodiversity, Bioprospection, Designing and development of products based on ethnic designs and materials, Seismic observatory, Weather monitoring station, etc. The Branch Laboratory will be focusing more on motivation and transfer of technology of CSIR to NGOs, Organizations, Entrepreneurs, etc.

Head of the Department
Dr HB Singh
Ph D (Rangeland ecology)
Chief Scientist
ID. No. 1019,
Ph : +91 0385-2414481 / Fax : +91 0385-2414481
Area’s of Interest : Plant biodiversity, Rangeland ecology, Economic botany, Wetlands
Technical Officers
Ms. Ningthoujam Abem Devi
MSc, MPhil (Zoology)
Senior Technical Officer (1)
ID. No. 1135,
0385-2414481; Mobile: 9612534032 / Fax: 0385-2414481
Area’s of Interest : Pest Management of Economic Plants
Mr. Somananda Thokchom
MSc (Biotechnology)
Senior Technical Officer (1)
ID. No. 1144,
0385-2414481; Mobile: 9856765286 / Fax: 0385-2414481
Area’s of Interest : Plant Biotechnology
Support Staff
Ms Cingsianniang Buansing
ID. No. 1172

Mr Ram Bahadur Thapa
Lab. Attendant(1)
ID. No. 1218

Mr Sapam Binudhar Singh
ID. No. 1068