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Established in 1973, the chemical engineering group provides a broad spectrum of engineering inputs to the other research and development groups at CSIR-NEIST. The group has expertise in coupled research of Applied and Basic research for generation of knowledge base, knowhow and knowwhy. The group is involved in industry oriented research in the area of Separation and Purification Technology, Reaction Calorimetry, Food & Nutraceuticals and Reaction Engineering & Catalysis. Membrane Technology is one of the priority research area of the group. Transport phenomena in solid/liquid membrane based separation, catalytic membrane reactors, controlled transport in microcapsule membrane of stimuli responsive smart polymeric micro gel, facilitated transport in gas and liquid phases through host-guest chemistry are the basic/applied R&D work of the group. Membrane based Technology for Biomolecule separation from natural feedstock, Racemic Resolution, Gas separation etc. are the priority research work for Translational research from the group. Engineering analysis of chemical reaction systems i.e. reaction-diffusion phenomena in heterogeneous catalysed reactions, Design and Scale up studies of bioprocesses, Reaction calorimetry, development of process for food & nutraceuticals etc. are also the current activities of the group.

Group Leader
Dr Swapnali Hazarika
M.Sc. (Chemistry), Ph.D.
Senior Principal Scientist & Professor
ID. No. 1053
Area’s of Interest : Design and development of smart materials, Synthesis of thin film composite (TFC) and nanocomposite (TFN) membranes and applications in enantiomer separation, biomolecule separation, gas separation, waste water treatment etc., Polymer Research, Biogenic synthesis of nanoparticles, Polymer science and engineering, Isolation and purification of natural products, Biochemical reaction engineering and mechanism, Modelling and simulation.

Dr Bipul Das
B.E. (Chemical Engg), M.Tech (Chemical Engg) IIT Guwahati, Ph.D. (Chemical Engg.)
Sr. Scientist
ID. No. 1226,
Ph : + 91- 0376-2371097, extn. 2462, Fax: +91 376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Advance Separation Processes, Membrane Technology, Extraction and Purification of value-added products from plant, Treatment of industrial effluent
Dr Ashutosh Namdeo
B.E.(Chemical Engg), M.Tech(Chemical Engg) IIT BHU, Ph.D.(Chemical Engg.)(IIT Bombay)
Sr. Scientist & Asstt. Professor(AcSIR)
ID. No. 1257
Fax: 0376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Reaction Engg, Catalysis, Green Chemistry
Sri Ravi Kumar Lingam
M.Tech(Chemical Engg.) IIT Kharagpur
Senior Scientist
ID. No. 1273,
Ph.- 0376-2370121
Area’s of Interest :Scaleup of chemical processes, Process intensification, Process Engineering, Phytochemicals extraction, Phytopharmaceuticals, Leaching, Equilibrium Separations, Green Technology
Dr. Pravin G. Ingole,FMASc.
Ph.D. PDF at KIER, South Korea.
Sr. Scientist
ID. No. 1280,
Ph.- 0376-2370011
Area’s of Interest : Membrane science and technology, with special interest in - Thin film composite (TFC) and Thin film nanocomposite (TFN) membrane synthesis, Separation processes like, Enantiomer separation, Gas separation etc., Polymer surface modification, Applications to water and wastewater, Membrane fouling , Pressure retarded osmosis (PRO), Membrane technology, Hybrid separation and reaction/separation systems, Low cost & high performance technologies,
Dr. Jitendra Singh Verma
B.Tech.(Biotechnology Engg.), M.Tech(Biochemical Engg.) IIT (BHU) Varanasi, Ph.D.(Biochemical Engg.)(IIT Delhi)
ID. No. 1285,
Ph.- +91-6000305400
Area’s of Interest : Bioprocess development, scale-up, technology transfer, validation. Modeling of biological systems. Microbial strain improvement for sustainable production of fermentation products. Quality by design (QbD). Process analytical technology (PAT). Process specific Bioreactor design and development.
Technical Officers
Er. Tobiul Hussain Ahmed
B.E(Chemical Engg.), M.S. (by Research), IIT Madras.
Senior Technical Officer (1)
ID. No. 1137
Ph : + 91- 0376-237011/2370139 extn. 2469
Email id :,
Area’s of Interest : Nutraceuticals, Functional food developments, Microwave based technologies (drying, extraction etc.), Process optimization, Scale up of chemical & biochemical processes, Process economics and feasibility studies, Phytochemical extraction, water and waste water treatment
Technical Staff
Mr. Rajen Chandra Dutta
Lab. Attendant(1)
ID. No. 1187
Ph : + 91- 0376-237011/2370139 extn. 2381
Fax : +91 0376 2370011