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Infectious diseases remain a major cause of human morbidity and mortality. Infectious diseases have profound significance, particularly in the eastern and North East regions of India, which have a rich diversity of over 200 ethnicities with their own unique cultures and traditions that involve huge interactions in human-wildlife reservoir-livestock interface. This accounted with increasing anthropogenic environmental changes, vector populations and the unprecedented spread of vector-borne pathogens have led to increasing frequency of known and unknown infectious diseases that are largely becoming endemic. The Centre for Infectious Diseases (CID) has been established to strengthen capacity and capability building in the North East Indiato carry out biomedical research on diseases having priority in the national health program and unique to the region.CID will serve North East region of India through identification and scientific understanding of pathophysiology of the prevalent known and unknown infectious diseases of the region to provide evidence-based translational solutions and technologies for the society in terms of surveillance, diagnostics, therapeutics and other solutions by adopting integrative and holistic approach.


  1. Mapping the distribution and diversity of bacterial, viral and parasitic infectious diseases and their incidences in North-East India.
  2. Epidemiological and genomics studies of pathogens, vectors and hosts in North-East India for identifying host-pathogen factors responsible for susceptibility and outcomes of selected infectious diseases.
  3. Exploration, documentation, digitization and validation of the traditional bioresocures with a multidisciplinary approach for the development of therapeutics against communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  4. Developing herbal and microbial formulations as preventive therapy for preventing communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  5. Vaccine and drug development against infectious diseases prevalent in North-East India.
  6. Developing novel diagnostic platforms and packages for selected infectious diseases of North-East India.
  7. Development of computational tools and predictive models for forecasting disease incidences and health outcomes.
  8. Capacity and capability building.

Research Areas

Head of the Department
Dr Jatin Kalita
Ph.D(Life Sciences)
Sr. Principal Scientist
ID. No. 1110,
Ph : +91 0376-2370121 extn 2341 Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Area’s of Interest : Entomotherapeutics, food and nutrition, traditional foods, ethnopharmacology

Dr Prasenjit Manna
Ph.D. (Molecular Medicine)
Principal Scientist
ID. No. 1294;
Ph : +91 376 2370121 (2493) : Fax: +91 376 2370011
Area’s of Interest : Development of natural product-based therapeutics with immunomodulatory potential for betterment of human health and the prevention of obesity, insulin resistance, vascular inflammation, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome
Dr. JayashreeChiringPhukon
Senior Scientist
ID. No. 1305;
Ph : +91 376 2370121 (2493) : Fax: +91 376 2370011
Area’s of Interest: Animal Disease Model Development, Animal Health and Management, Zoonotic diseases.
Dr Romi Wahengbam
PhD (Biotechnology, Molecular Microbial Ecology)
ID. No. 1300,
Ph : +91 376 2370121 (2493) : Fax: +91 376 2370011
Area’s of Interest: Host microbiome, Fermented food microbiome, and their molecular microbial ecology, Genomics of bacterial and viral infectious diseases, Development of custom NGS protocols and data analysis tools and pipelines, Bioinformatics.
Dr. Pankaj Bharali
PhD (Botany)
ID. No. 1297,
Ph : +91 376 2370121 (2493) : Fax: +91 376 2370011
Area’s of Interest : Plant pathogen interaction, genomic-based pathogenicity, plant systematics, alpine biodiversity, medicinal and aromatic plants, conservation biology, traditional knowledge-based drug discovery, ethnobiology
Dr. Shridhar Hiremath
PhD (Agriculture)
ID. No. 1341;
Ph.:+91 376 2370121 (2493) : Fax: +91 376 2370011
Areas of interest: Plant virology, diversity analysis, computational biology, plant-virus-vector interaction studies, computer-aided drug discovery for plant viruses, plant-virus interaction studies through multi-omics approach.
Mr Nayan Jyoti Borah
Technical Assistant
ID. No. 1319
Ph : +91 376 2370121 (2493) : Fax: +91 376 2370011
Area’s of Interest:Clinical Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology.