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The General Administrative Division of the institute is headed by an Administrative Officer(AO) from the Combined Administrative Services. He functions as the Estate Officer and also as the Vigilance Officer forms the independent link between the Chief Vigilance Officer, CSIR and the Institute. The AO is the designated officer to accept notice on behalf of the Institute and is the authorised signatory for all agreements with external agencies. The General Administration provides back bone support for the various activities of the institute. The division is primarily divided into the following sections, each headed by a Section Officer:
  1. Recruitment & Assessment Section: The section is responsible for maintaining up to date reservation rosters and is the nodal section for all recruitment and assessment activities. The section is presently clubbed with Vigilance and Legal cell. The cell coordinates all activities relating to legal issues and forms an independent link in case of vigilance matters to the Chief Vigilance Officer, CSIR.
  2. Establishment Section: The section is responsible for maintaining all service records of regular employees and handles various service matter requests related to an employee.
  3. General Section: This section is responsible for all miscellaneous activities related to campus and infrastructure management of the Institute. The section also looks after administrative issues of maintenance works and is responsible for housekeeping functions.
  4. Bill Section: The Drawing and Disbursing Officer heads the bill section and is primarily responsible for all monetary transactional activities. This section looks after all employee claims, advances, payments to outside parties and other financial dealings of the Institute. The Cashier looks after the day to day small value monetary payments and receipts. All payments received from outside are processed through this section and the monthly wage and salary bill is also prepared here.
  5. Security and Reception: This section deals with the visitors to the institute and the security is responsible for maintaining and preserving the safety of all installations of the institute besides acting as the first responders in case of any emergency.
  6. Transport Cell: The cell is headed by a Technical Officer who supervises the institute vehicle fleet. This cell is also the nodal cell for all transportation activities either through the staff vehicles or through the externally hired vehicles.
Administrative Officer
Mr Prasoon Kumar
Administrative Officer
ID. No. 1314,
Ph : +91 0376 2370116 extn 2236
Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Section Officers
Mr. Ishwar Nath Jha
Section Officer(G)
ID. No. 1309

Ph : +91 0376 2370121 extn 2230
Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Rajbhasa Section
Mr. Ajay Kumar
Hindi Officer
ID. No. 897
Ph : +91 0376 2370085 extn 2245
Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Mr. Raju Kumar
Assistant Section Officer
ID. No. 1262
Ph: +91-360-2350220
Director's Secretariat
Ms I Ilika Zhimo
B.Tech Biotechnology, MIPL
Principal Scientist
ID. No. 1112,
Ph : 91-0376-2370139 extn 2306 / Fax : +91 0376 2370011
Area’s of Interest: IPR, Technology Transfer & Business Development, Publications & Publicity, S&T and R&D data management.
Mr Jiban Jyoti Mahanta
Principal Scientist
ID. No. 1109,,
Mob: 7086064300
Area’s of Interest: Training and development, Bioactivity of medicinal, aromatic & economic plants, Microbiology
Mr. Suresh Rana
Non tech
ID. No. 1266

Mr. Prodip Bordoloi
ID. No. 1069
Mr. Bipin Chandra Dutta
Lab Attendant (2)
ID. No. 1212
Mr. Mantu Sharma
Lab Attendant (2)
ID. No. 1213
AO Section
Mr. Hiren Brahma
Jr. Stenographer
ID. No. 1263
Mrs. Minakhi Das
Assistant Gr. III
ID. No. 1013
Dr Debojit Kumar Sarmah
ID. No. 1010
Ph : +91 0376 2370121 extn 2330
Mr. Prodip Hazarika
Lab Attendant(2)
ID. No. 1193
Mr.Pritom Bordoloi
Sr. Secretariat Asstt.(G)
ID. No. 1251
ISO Secretariat
Mrs. Radhika Chetri
ID. No. 1083

Bill Section
Mr. Kunja Behari Rabha
Astt. Gr II
ID. No. 1087
Mr. Bipul Chandra Boruah
Non tech
ID. No. 1203
Mr. Suresh Rana
Non tech
ID. No. 1266
Ms. Moibungkhongbam Anamika Chanu
Group C(MTS)
ID. No. 1289
Establishment Section
Mrs. Kobita Saikia
Non Tech
ID. No. 1267
General Section(Works)
Mr. Naba Kumar Dutta
Non Tech
ID. No. 1071
Mr. Ratul Saikia
Astt Gr III
ID. No. 1233
Dispatch Section
Mr. Biren Borthakur
Lab. Attendant(2)
ID. No. 1126
Mr. Arun Chandra Bora
Lab. Attendant(2)
ID. No. 1209
Recruitment Section
Mr. Ajit Chandra Dutta
Astt Gr I
ID. No. 866
Mr. Bijoy Sharma
Astt Gr III
ID. No. 1011
Mr. Kamal Bahadur Pun
Non Tech
ID. No. 1269
Mrs. Radhika Chetri
ID. No. 1083